For more than 25 years, Boreal Design has been designing and producing first class sea kayaks. Recognized locally and internationally, we offer kayaks in 3 materials constructions: rotomolding, thermoforming and composite. We offer a wide range of kayaks so we can offer the right boat to the paddler of varying heights who are paddling in different environments.


For more than 25 years, Boréal Design has been pushing the limits of modern sea kayak design. It is their signature bow, long keel line, amazing speed and surprising stability that makes every Boréal Design boat a cut above the rest. If you are new to sea kayaking or a veteran guide, BD’s line-up has the perfect kayak for your next adventure.


When choosing the right kayak for you, always remember to think of your needs before “the cool looking one”. What’s your skill level? What type of body of water do you plan to paddle on? Do you like an extended touring expedition or are you a weekend warrior? All of these questions are important to answer when you are narrowing down your next kayak.


High Density Polythene

Commonly referred to as rotomolded or poly boats, kayaks made out of HDPE are tough as nails. They can take abuse for years and are affordable. Perfect for beginners, rental fleets and paddlers that are attracted to rocks!

Thermoformed ABS

Thermoformed ABS is a new construction method that is rapidly growing in popularity. As strong as a HDPE boat, it has the same weight as a composite and a great glide on the water. No wonder we refer to it as the best of both worlds.

Infused Composite Construction

An infusion composite layup is the pinnacle of kayak construction methods. This process regulates how resin flows in the material to achieve a better strength-to-weight ratio than vacuum bagging. Available in fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon.