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Boréal Design kayaks are built with the utmost respect for quality and workmanship. Our design is tried, tested and true for a day trip in your local bay or a month long expedition to a series of remote islands.

Simple and elegant, Boréal Design models all have a distinctive feel that blends the traditional aesthetics with functionality and performance of a modern sea kayak.

Day Touring Kayaks 12’ – 14’

WHY 12’ – 14’ KAYAKS?

These kayaks are wonderful for paddlers who want big adventure with limited storage space. They are compact versions of a full length kayak, complete with sealed bulkheads, safety lines, fittings, and rudder or skeg. While not as fast, they are more maneuverable, extremely stable and often more playful. Great for day.

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Day/Weekend Touring Kayaks 14.6’ – 16’

WHY 14.6’ – 16’ KAYAKS?

Walking the line between easy paddling 12’ – 14’ kayaks and the slick and quick 16’5” – 18’4” kayaks, this size range has improved “tracking” (straight-forward efficiency) while fitting comfortably, accommodating most skill levels, giving more room for gear, and providing more speed and performance than the 12’ – 14’ range. These are the “jack of all trades” kayaks that are great for day paddling and weekend getaways.

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Touring Kayaks 16’5” – 18’4”

WHY 16’5” – 18’4” KAYAKS?

This lineup includes kayaks with rudders and ones with skeg. Their speed, efficiency and gear-hauling ability is unsurpassed allowing you to tale your Boreal kayak anywhere at any time. Boreal kayaks blend traditional aesthetics with modern performance and functionality to make you experience in the wilderness or even on a cottage lake, unforgettable. Longer kayaks with rudders are easily controlled in wind and wave conditions and provide beginners with an learning aid while honing their skills. Those who like the skegged models prefer to use their paddle more to control the kayak.

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These are designed for a specific purpose, whether its surfing, rolling or just traveling with two people in the same vessel.  Browse our full lineup of tandem sea kayaks :


We have designed a full complement of genuine accessories to bolster the experience that comes with owning a Boreal Kayak. Whether you’re looking to keep yourself dry with the addition of a spray skirt or are a cockpit cover to keep your kayak clean and adventure-ready, we’ve got something for every model of kayak we make.