The Baffin is built for the rigors of rough seas. Its unique hull design provides paddlers with a lively yet stable boat compared to other Greenland style kayaks. The three models in the series are well suited for a wide range of paddlers who demand immediate control and predictability.

The generous sized opening of the hatch allows paddlers to load up adequate amounts of gear for up to two weeks, while the day hatch keeps your essentials handy while on the water. The Baffin comes with a full compliment of deck rigging and a comfortably outfitted cockpit.

This versatile series makes choosing a kayak a breeze. There are three different sizes, each available in rotomolded plastic, thermoformed ABS or composite construction. See the table below for technical specifications and paddler weight range for each model.

Primary Stability

Primary stability is a reflection of how stable the kayak feels while sitting still on a calm body of water. A high primary stability is perfect for beginners, photographers and fisherman alike.

Secondary Stability

Secondary stability is the stability felt while edging the boat (leaning the kayak on one side using your hips). A kayak with a poor secondary will require a stronger bracing technique to edge with confidence.

Handling vs Tracking

There is no right or wrong answer here. A kayak that tracks more (more grey) will be easy to keep on a straight course. A loose kayak (more blue) will be easy to turn on a dime and change direction quickly.


This is the general speed of the kayak, combining acceleration, cruising speed, top speed and how easy it is to keep.


This represents the total inside storage volume the kayak offers. Rudder equipped kayaks tend to have more storage compared to skegs that take up some space in the rear hatch. A high rating for storage is perfect for a touring paddler.


Flat water


Rough Water


Day touring


Multi-day touring


Advanced sea expedition


P1/C1 Small sized paddlers


P2/C2/T2 Fits mid sized paddlers


P3/C3 large sized paddlers

Model P1 P2 P3
Length 16′-6″ (504 cm) 17′-1.2″ (522 cm) 17′-7.2″ (537 cm)
Beam 21.5” 22.25” 23.75”
Cockpit Dimensions 31.5″x 15.7″ (80 cm x 40 cm) 31.7″x 15.4″ (80.5 cm x 39 cm) 33.5″x 17.1″ (85 cm x 43.5 cm)
Weight (FG/KV/CA) 59.9 lbs (27.15 kg) 62.5 lbs (28.35 kg) 65.8 lbs (29.85 kg)
Min/Max Weight of Paddler 90 to 190 lbs 140 to 225 lbs 200 to 300 lbs
Total Volume 91 gal 103 gal 109 gal
Béluga Skirt size Large Large X-Large

Model T2
Length 17′-0″ (518.16cm)
Width 22.2″ (56.5 cm)
Cockpit Dimensions 30.3″ x 15.4″ (77cm x 39cm)
Weight thermo ABS 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)
Min/Max Paddle Weight 140 to 225 lbs (64 to 102 kg)
Load Limit 295 lbs (134 kg)
Total Volume 103 gal us (389.9 L)
Type of Chine Hard
Béluga Skirt size Large

Model C1 C2 C3
Length 16’6” 17′ 17’8”
Beam 21.5” 22.25” 23.75”
Cockpit Dimensions 16”x 31” 16”x 31” 16.5”x 31”
Weight (FG/KV/CA) 53/48/44 lbs 54/49/45 lbs 56/51/47 lbs
Min/Max Weight of Paddler 90 to 190 lbs 140 to 225 lbs 200 to 300 lbs
Total Volume 91 gal 103 gal 109 gal
Béluga Skirt size Large Large X-Large


12′ – 14’


15’ – 16’


16’5″ – 18’4″


Specialty & Tandem