An unwavering attention to detail and the use of consistently high quality materials are the standards which have made Beluga’s reputation. We constantly strive for quality, both in construction and in materials used in manufacturing our products.
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I've been paddling my Baffin P3 for two seasons now and feel…

...I can write a concise review. As a 6', 250lb paddler it was hard to find a boat that I truly felt comfortable in. After having numerous sub 200 pounders tell me what boat I should have, and being disappointed with the results, I decided to do some research on "Big Boy Boats".

The final result was the Baffin P3. I really love my boat. The cockpit is roomy but is snug enough to give me control over the boat. The toes of my size 12 neoprene boots just touch the top deck. The seat and back band are comfortable and the cockpit opening is large enough for me to fold my legs in after my butt is in the seat. “boogie” 25/9/2015

I am now the owner of a Boreal Design Epsilon t200 kayak…

...decided to go with thermoformed because of the weight. Over 2 years have tried many different kayaks and many hrs of research. As soon as I tried the t200 I knew my search was over. Very responsive, comfortable and joy to paddle both with the rudder up or down. The people at Sealegs kayaking in Ladysmith were great to deal with and thanks to Mark at kayak distribution for suggesting them to me. Looking forward to many years of paddling my new kayak. “anon.” 8/10/2015

I bought a P1 (poly) last summer, and love it. It's…

...It's a perfect size for a small person. It gives me great control. I can easily get back into my boat after a wet exit, so important as I am not a super strong person. It tracks well in a rear wind with the skeg down. The seat is comfortable, even on long paddles. Since we only use our 2 Baffins for day trips, the low volume isn't a problem. “anon.” 24/5/2014

I had been planning to purchase an Epsilon 100 for my second…

...kayak this year as I had rented them in several different places and loved them. I am a very small woman and this was a great fit for me. It was the most superior kayak I had tried so far at the time. I own a Delta 14.5 thermoform and LOVE it but it was time for something more challenging. “anon.” 23/8/2012


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